Q. Are PROKOR trainers certified?
A. Yes.  All of our trainers are certified in a number of disciplines.  We work hard to have a variety of trainers that can serve the varying needs of our clients.

Q. Why should I choose PROKOR over my current training facility?
A. That all depends; it may not make sense for you to make the switch.  If you have very specific goals and want real results, we cannot think of a better environment to excel in than alongside one of our PROKOR trainers.

Q. What type of shape do I need to be in to use PROKOR Services?
A. Come as you are.  We will work together to get you where you want to be. 

Q. If I commit the next 4 months to training, what type of results can I expect?
A. That all depends.  Training is only half the battle. Once you leave the gym, there are other temptations that will try to distract you from reaching your goal.  We work hard to help our clients get in the right mindset for success.  In addition to our training services themselves, we can also assist in eating healthier and help you make better health decisions in your daily diet. If you fully commit to PROKOR, we guarantee you will see results you could have never imagined.

    Q. What if I am not ready to sign a long term contract?
    A. We will never ask you to sign a long term contract.  We believe we need to continue to earn your business.  Each of our program asks you for a 3-month commitment.  If you do not see the results you want using our program, we would expect you to find a different way.      

      Q. I travel often.  How can PROKOR help me stay in shape around my busy schedule?
      A. PROKOR offers online support with Warrior and Gladiator KOR Packs.  Simply send in a request via email in advance and one of our trainers will provide you with an on-the-road exercise regimen to keep your body moving. 

          Q. Does PROKOR offer a guarantee?

          A. We stand behind every service we execute and every product we endorse.  If for any reason you feel we are not meeting your expectations, we will give you your money back (minus any prepaid discounts or promotions).  We are only satisfied when you are.

          Q. What is the difference between one-on-one and semi-private training?
          A. One-on-one training is dedicated time with a PROKOR trainer. This is best suited for individuals who want to strictly focus on their own needs without the outside influence of others.
              Semi-private training allows a trainer to prepare individual training programs for a small group of people (2-6) and train them simultaneously.  This is a tremendous learning environment for those that thrive in a socially supportive environment, while not sacrificing that one-on-one attention to yield your results.