Change at your very KOR.

PROKOR Fit is a highly personalized training facility based in San Diego.  We specialize in offering focused training experiences tailored to the specific needs and goals of our ENKORAGE.  From novice to elite athletes, our training staff is able to deliver engaging workouts derived from a number of disciplines and philosophies.

Change is more than getting in the gym.  We are committed to helping our clients build the mental fortitude to reach their goals and encourage positive behaviors to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

What can I expect at PROKOR Fit? 

Amazing people.  Our team of trainers are selected based on their ability to show a client-first attitude.  We cater to clients that are serious about their goals and expect more than they can get at a big box gym.  We want to work with people who not only want to improve their body, but more importantly are ready to change their state of mind.

The power of choice.  Regardless if you excel in solitude or prefer the enthusiasm of a small group, PROKOR has programs designed to put you in your most comfortable training environment.    

Get results, quickly.  Gym sessions run in 45 minute increments beginning at 5am daily. The capacity of our sessions is designed to provide one-on-one attention and leverage the group training environment.

State of the art is our state of mind.  Each of our gyms are designed to be unique in nature and to capture the feel of its surrounding neighborhood.  The one item that remains consistent is our commitment to bringing you the latest equipment to accelerate every motion and optimize every effort you put into your workout.   

No contracts, just commitments.  We are fully committed to meeting your goals and expectations.  There are no long-term contracts.  We back every service and product we provide.  If at any point a member decides that we are not meeting our commitment, we will provide them their money back (minus any discounts or promos provided).

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